Alex MacNeil

Independent Trainer and Consultant


Programmes to help you deliver authentic person centred services

Person Centred Support Planning

Available for statutory (Adults and SEN) and service providers.

The best planning perfectly integrates the requirements of the head with those of the heart. For planners, the head represents the statutory requirements for support-planning (post Care Act and SEN reforms) and their local planning paperwork, and the heart represents the best of person centred approaches and values.

Often planners obsess on the nature of the forms they are asked to complete - neglecting the process of planning itself with all the tools and skills that are necessary to sit behind the paperwork. 

This course invests in your planners, their core skills and the tools they need at their fingertips, ensuring that the information that ends up on the paperwork are the products of good, person centred processes.

Thinking differently - a programme for co-production

Available for statutory (Adults and SEN) and service providers.

A programme for teams to help them establish great working relationships with families, carers and people who use services. This involves both building and mending relationships; confronting fears; accepting the things we can't change; and working together to change the things we can.

Co-production is simple in concept but can be complex and messy in reality. For professionals, working inside an organisation creates perspectives and habits that are not always helpful for people on the receiving end of services. This programme sensitively and effectively explores the barriers and opportunities from everyone's point of view.

The programme begins by working with professionals and people separately before bringing them together for a series of workshops. Outputs are then worked up into plans and support is provided to implement changes - the small things that make a huge difference, as well as more complex, strategic change.

Person Centred Team workshop 

Person centred tools and approaches are not simply ways of working with people who have needs - they are the bedrock of effective and enjoyable team work.

This packed workshop challenges your team to practice what they preach by identifying areas in their working life to integrate person centred tools and approaches with each other. 

An excellent team building opportunity.

✪ Charismatic and inspirational. She held my attention all day. ✪ Well presented. She talked to us not at us. A welcome change! ✪ A great trainer, saw her passion, she grabbed people’s attention and held it. ✪ Really lively and innovative ✪ A brilliant course. Everyone should do it. ✪ It expanded my sense of belief and my knowledge base. ✪ Excellent - great crowd management! ✪ Awesome! ✪ She kept my attention ALL DAY! A very good trainer. ✪ There will be a positive atmosphere in the building from tomorrow ✪ She was really good at getting people to think for themselves ✪
— Programme feedback