Alex MacNeil

Independent Trainer and Consultant


Helping you get the most out of your people and stakeholders

Available for corporate organisations and public sector.

One of the biggest investments in your people is when you bring them together. If your meetings and events get bogged down in routine and one way information sharing, I can make sure that you get the very best from everyone in the room.

I facilitate dynamic, creative events that engage people, get them talking, and then make sure that they share productive and effective ideas and new ways of working.

• Consultation events
• Planning meetings
• Annual conferences
• Listening exercises

I work with the event / meeting organisers to bring clarity and productivity to planned outcomes. I use a simple and effective process for a strong focus on including all members of the group.

About my process:

• Relaxed and inclusive
• Refreshingly different
• Comfortable and challenging

I have a knack for making people feel confident and valued.  I take pride in the personal transformations that accompany my sessions and I never cease to be amazed at the potential for even the most “stuck” people to change. 

It was so lovely to have you there. I knew we were in safe hands. I can’t believe the quality of the work that the room produced. People felt comfortable to really speak their minds. You moved us on so far. And I could actually sit back and take part instead of worrying about the day! Thanks so much.
— Feedback from a consultation event